Transiflex translation / 5 languages at 100% !

Have done some little update there …
and now, en/gb , fr , es , hu langpack had reach 100% !

But the translation reviews are near the 0% for each languages…

What do you think about a call to review the translations some weeks before next release ?


That’s the usual strategy before a release cycle.
Do you want to take care of it? I can make you administrator for transifex if you want to maintain it.


Even if i can read/write in some languages i’m not good enough to certificate/revise translation.
Anyway, thanks for the proposal.


If I understand correctly, as an administrator, it doesn’t meen you have to verify the translated strings, one of the main tasks is to make sure those po file are compilable and push them to the source tree.

… in my case, i’m a newbie about synfig dev’ procedure, so, don’t take too much from my words.

Anyway, i presume that the strings will be reviewed…and with the transifex account i have, actualy i can’t review at all.
Reconsidering stuff, i think that i could review somes (fr) … starting simple… and them maybe learn french :wink:

About transifex admin role,
what is the procedure of “po compilable” ?
generate it, and try to compil synfig with new .po ? simply has a duck?
(a know what is a .po , never use in real life :slight_smile:


I’ve been through Synfig core and Studio for UK/en_GB. I made a handful of changes - mainly meters to metres, centimeters -> centimetres, millimeters -> millimetres, and a couple of other minor tweaks. If someone wants to give me access, I can go an mark these as 100% verified.

I also noted that we have some typos in the (US) source code.
For core -
Neighbours (UK spelling) should be Neighbors (US spelling)
“Value that define whether the step is centerd on the value [0,1]” should be “Value that define whether the step is centered on the value [0,1]”
“Unrecognised canvas variable” should be “Unrecognized canvas variable”
“When cheked the area outside the Radius are not distorted” should be “When checked the area outside the Radius is not distorted”

For Studio -
“A Activepoint already exists at this point in time” should be “An Activepoint already exists at this point in time”

Also, should “translator-credits” be translated into the relavent language? Or substituted with the actual name of the translator?


Which is your username on Transifex? (please confirm that you’re pixelgeek there)

For the typos in the original translatable strings, please open a issue for that and fix it if you like or someone else could easily fix it.


Yes, I’m pixelgeek there :slight_smile:

After words … i can do some of the (fr) review if you give me access.