Transform duck stuck at distance?

Hi, when adding a transform layer how do i line it up with the object?
A couple of years ago i had the same problems and the solution had something to do with unchecking the transform layer, moving the layer to under the object, moving the green handle and then move the layer back.
But i cant get it to work. Moving the group layer is done with the ctrl button, is it something similar?
Any ideas?

As far as I know holding ctr like with group layers does not work with a plain transform.
So instead of aligning the transform layer with the object, why not align the object with the transform layer?
Or just put the object inside a group layer, it does not lose functionality this way.


Thank you- im just used to drawing things in the place they have to be and then animate them. Thankfully the current developer version has added a move origin node on group folders, so that gets used alot :slight_smile: