Traditional Animation

Hi everyone.
I want to create an animated film from my drawings, both on paper and in GIMP, which I have created for this purpose. What is the best program (hopefully free) for this? I am willing to draw all 24/frames/sec, however I would like to find a tweening program that can handle more or less realistic drawings of the human figure.

Hi and welcome to Synfig forums!

You’re asking a good question. I was too wondering this same question long time ago. I was walking in the park one day, making a stop near the local pond to look at those ducks peacefully floating there. And as the sun was setting down along with my hopes of finding a good program for 2D animation with tweening capabilities I saw it! The certain blue spaceship-shaped logo with stars on it rose from the water in all of its vectorial glory - it was called Synfig Studio!

Try it. It can import your raster drawings, can do cut-out animation, morphing technique, tweening (of course it can do tweening!), various effects/distortions, etc.
You can download stable version here: Releases · synfig/synfig · GitHub
Official tutorial:
Tutorials from a very dedicated guy:

Thanks for your response.

However, these tutorials have to do with rendering images, but I only need a program to import my already existing, complete drawings and create an animation.

Do you have any tutorials that show how to do this?

I would be happy to send an example of the images I will be using.

No need to thank me Richard, I was mocking you in my initial response. You asked us, what is the best program for your case without even checking out the software that this forum is about. If you don’t put any effort why should we?

So you need a program that would create an animation for you? Such program doesn’t exist. Animation is a complex beast and requires a lot of manual work.

Bring the examples in and we’ll see what we can do. It might require some effort though.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Tweening is mostly only possible with vectorial drawing.
You can apply some deformations with skeleton in bitmap mode, but it is not something like creating interpolated tweens from 2 handdrawn images.
You can still use an interplated image as a reference for drawing by hand the tweens afterwards, in other software like Krita which has frame-by-frame animation capabilities.
But your art is too much detailed/organic and artifacts would appear in Synfig.

Everything you mention can be done in synfig. You just need to start if you meet any problems you can always post in the forum for advice