tow patches for synfigstudio icons

could you mind take a loot at 3203978 and 3203831

these two patches are icons related :smiley:

Sure! I totally forgot those two patches. Excuse me. They are granted to be included in next release candidate and so in the final release.

Applied to next release!


btw, i start playing synfig at github :mrgreen:

You perfectly can play with synfig code at official synfig git repository. If you want I can give you write access. In case you want to secure play to not broke anything, just use always a separated branch like all we do.
Anyway, if you like play with it at github to test patches, you’re welcome :mrgreen:


… start playing [color=red]with synfig [color=red]code…

quote from this post

You are all smart guys as synfig studio app :slight_smile:
And while I stay in this community my english is improving as well. perfect :laughing:

yes, it is my first time to do git thing on a remote server, i take github as playground, once i get confidence i will apply write access of official synfig git repository.

thanks as always.