¿Toon Boom Harmony .tvg file extension support?

Cordial saludo para todos.

Cordial greetings to all.

The question arises because most animation studios require knowing how to handle Toom Boom as a requirement to apply to the job they offer.

Are there legal restrictions, would it be a crime in case someone programmed the functionality to import / export .tvg files?

Is it possible to reverse engineer such a file for compatibility?

I see that software like LibreOffice has done it with Microsoft formats, including Inkscape.

As an idea for more people to use Synfig Studio it is clearly a good one. I would like to know what you think.

Thank you very much in advance for your attention to this issue.

This request has already been done for opentoonz.
I doubt this could be possible due to the proprietary format, not only non-open but even with encryption (lol)

Export functionalities of ToonBoom

Maybe there is a hope with this utility, but I doubt about it

Good luck!

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