To reuse a character!

Hello dear Synfig. It’s me again. Well your program is really great. But one of the biggest problem is that we cannot reuse our character in different scenes. It’s really annoying. I am making my character with all features but when I import to my scene I cannot move the bones. I have to open the same character in a new tab. And if I want to make changes I have to do it from the new tab. Please fix this. Pleaseee. It is really huge problem. I just want to save my character at once and then to reuse in any scenes with all features that working with. Also the program is crashing a lot. Please fix that too. I don’t have enough money to support you guys. But once I earn money I will definitely donate you. Because you deserve this.

Create a character with skeleton and whatever you want , example : char.sif

And save it on a new folder ( anywhere )on you diskspace. And copy paste that (char.sif)

If you want to use that char file five different project, make five copies on your diskspace.

And whenever you start new project, first (open ) that char.sif file then add background or etc… because you cant reuse that char with ( import )

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That’s good idea. Thank you. But when I do that it’s crashing a lot. I hope they fix this. Thank you for answering.