Timeline (below) rendering in between costs computing time 1.3.11



At the moment I’m doing only a small simulation with about 30 objects (PNG) and about 40 sec … in the timeline below is in the new version (1.3.11) now such a green stripe with each change the image newly calculated in advance. Nice idea, however, costs a lot of computing time, the bothers) and leads when playing with sound in me to strange dropouts so that I can set in the timely playback hardly anything. Since the 1.3.11 but the only one is the lyrics Correctly, I would like to use …
Oh yeah and the system is on my linux mint 18.3
Kernel: 3.13.0-37-generic Real often crashes at 2 hours determined 20 times … I want to test the days under Linux Mint 19.x.
I hope I’m right here by post.
Incidentally, I’m always more enthusiastic about the software …


Try to disable background rendering:
Menu View > Enable rendering in background

Reeeaaally slow 1.3.11

Jep Thanks … this Background Rendering ist nice but for me a Problem… sorry…

but if then in the final version is then in the right timing … then this can be a practical feature … my animations are still quite simple …

I will try the tool with our 1000 students in class times accommodate …