Time settings


Newbee to Synfig.

Windows 10
Synfig 1.1.12

I am trying to follow a video on animating a flower. In the beginning the time for the animation is set in preferences. In my version I find: document and a possibility to set the FPS not the time.
In System I see an option for interval (default 180), not sure what that means by the way.
So no beginning and end of the animation.

Any comment is much appreciated.

KR, Leo

in preferences you can find default settings, to change time you have to go to Canvas -> Properties -> Time,
there you can change Start time (i recommend 0f) and End time (you can set it in frames just type number or seconds, type number and “s”)

Thanks Majkel.

Canvas > Properties > Time: only shows Snap to frame (greyed out). Units says: not yet written.

Is this because I have the latest development version: 1.1.12?

KR, Leo

You choose options… press F8 instead.

Saved me again: thanks. (Majkel included)

Actually, in Canvas there is Preferences and Properties. I chose Prefernces (F12), see my second post and should have chosen Properties (F8, first option under Canvas).

One happy Synfigger here.

KR, Leo