Time Loop on Sets

Okay, I’ve never used sets before, but I feel like this is the way to do what I want to happen.

I want an object to travel across the screen from right to left, over 60 frames. I also want that object to vibrate say 10 pixels up and down every frame. Obviously I don’t want to make 60 waypoints where I just move it up 10 pixels and back 10 pixels.

Normally, I’d create a translation layer to go from left to right, then a time loop layer for 2 frames, then another transformation layer that goes up 10 pixels on frame 2. This would achieve the desired effect.

HOWEVER, I cannot do this because I have other motions going on below all that. So when I try to add the time loop, it loops everything underneath the transformations, which I don’t want.

My idea is to use “sets” so that I can still make the time loop layer adhere to the single transformation layer (which adheres to the entire object). I can’t figure out how to make the sets work though.


You can achieve this without time loop layer
simply right click on origin => convert => composite
You will see you can transform x-axis and y-axis independently, next right click on y-axis => time loop. When you set a value remember it is in su
Now you can set loop like in example

example.sifz (1.02 KB)