Three Roses: A Synfig Exercise

I had Synfig installed in my computer for sometime but had not really used it. I had the desire to make animations but my skills is just bellow par and it turns out to be too difficult for me. This time however I make myself make something. I read tutorials I found around and start to work. I make this image of three cartoon roses to learn about Synfig’s tools.

I kinda found using Synfig to be a bit cumbersome. I don’t know the shortcuts (I love using shortcuts) so I have to constatly click on the tools panel, which I find tedious. The B-spline tool is also awkward. You have to click the gears icon to finish it which is on the layers panel on the opposite side in the default arrangement, quite irritating. Still I manage to finish it though it seems that the work flow is not streamlined enough to help speed up the drawing process (and animating process).

Its also quite difficult to adjust the width of the lines with accuracy. I wish I could input values directly or is there a way to do that that I don’t know of?

I also have misgivings with the color selector. Don’t really like using it.

Maybe it’s because I’m a newbie that is why I have these problems. Still have to work something out.

By the way I’m using Synfig version 0.62.00.

It was a great version but there are some cool improvements in the newer releases.
You can adjust outline width individually with the mouse (press the width toggle button on the top left of the canvas window) or expand the BLine parameter and give a different value to the width of each blinepoint instead of the 1.0 default value.

Btw, the drawing is beautiful.