The Unit of Exported Params

Hi, in Children Panel, the real type valuebase always uses synfig unit as unit, Synfig Studio can not get the document unit setting done by Unit system setup dialog window.

for example, my document is in pixel unit, and I exported line width (5px), the value i get in Children Panel is 0.08333 in synfig uints

Yes, that’s because to convert synfig units real values to any other unit system, one unit system, and the resolution (dots per inch) has to be defined somewhere. And by now it is not done.
When one real value is shown in a canvas context, it takes the canvas definitions to represent that synfig unit in the desired other unit system. For the moment there is not a “default canvas” or the needed default values to display it as other thing than synfig units.
Same happen with frames per second. The frames per second value is taken from the canvas, no canvas no default frames per second.

All those defaults must be defined and should be the same than the new canvas defaults. Some of them are defined (fps) but not used.

Room to work there.


the Children Panel is just a powerful palette not only for color but also for other elements(params) such as outline, amount, etc… I would be nice to merge color palette with it somehow:)

No no, Children panel are Value Nodes (linkable items) that can be used as references in different points of the document. The color palette is just a repository of predefined values. If you change one color palette the documents items that has that color doesn’t change.


Toonboom Animate Pro has nice design in this area, its color palette[1] works like our Children Panel more or less. More than one object (layer in synfig) can use(link to) one color in color palette. Yes synfig can do similar (but more powerful) thing via exporting/connecting color parameters between, but we can make some improvements for its usage, so this powerful feature is exposed directly to user:)

[1] … tutorials/ Chapter 25, 26