The Pink Corruption is Over! (OUTDATED)

I come to you today with very unfortunate news: The Pink Corruption a Just Shapes and Beats fan series by Brittany Robinson is no more!
I just so happened to go through my playlist tonight and I saw that all videos of TPC were privated. This included shorts, spoofs, speedpaints, animation tests, and music.

I am very saddened by this. The Pink Corruption was mainly the reason why I started animating. I could never go a day without watching the series; that was how good it was to me.
I’d been watching The Pink Corruption since I was 15; 3 years and I never missed a single episode.
I am unsure of why she did this as I am writing this right now. This will truly be a masterpiece that I will never forget.

***EDIT 7/27/22: The Pink Corruption is NOT canceled. Sorry.