the naming of Synfig Studio in wiki

While translating the wiki page (, I have comment about the following wording in blue:

If some one is totally new in the Synfig world, then s/he will be confused, what’s the name of this app, Synfig, Synfig Studio or Synfig Animation Studio. Is it better that we put our official name Synfig Studio instead? Could we have a clear definition for it? or it is not needed at all?



it has been already discussed and agreed: … onventions

great, thanks for pointing it out to me.

Sounds like we need to fix the wiki home page :frowning:

Edit - fixed the main text, but can’t change the browser title bar. Zelgadis?

Same for the Forum… :slight_smile:

Forum done.

I’ve entered in the server using ssh and did a

grep -r "Animation Studio" ./ in the root folder of htdocs and there was nothing found… I don’t know how to change it.

For the wiki naming…

MediaWiki uses a special configuration file, don’t know whether or not this is below htdocs usually…
see here: … n_settings

You should look for $wgSitename, I guess.