The Mystery of the Missing Money

Here is the finished project I spent 2 years putting together.
Its formed the basis of 3 OggCamp Prensentations and as part of the development we developed Synfig Stage and our automated build

here’s the last presentation on How I made the film and how I used Continuous Intergration (CI) as part of the production pipeline

Nice work! Good story too! You have done some nice things. Opening camera move was great. Cat pulling faces made me laugh. Good to see a Synfig animation that last longer then three seconds. :slight_smile: I would have cleaned up a few joints here and there but that is purely subjective.
Any progress in making Synfig Stage compatible with the windows version of Synfig?

Love it! I like the story and the rythm. The style is really cute.

Congratulation to you and James (only six years old!). His story is absolutely great and funny.

Synfig stage should work with any version its a web app that runs in a web browser. I was using it on a linux machine but it
should still work with no modification on a windows machine - installing on a windows machine if you have never used linux might make this daunting - when i get time ( and a windows machine, I will document how you can install it)

Year 6 doesnt mean the writer was 6 years old. Year 6 is 10-11 year olds it the 6th year of their primary education.

Ah, right! Anyway, great job for a young writer. : )

Hi Dave,
great job both for the animation and for the script !

As a Windows user, I will share my info for install of your script :slight_smile:
Of course it can be adapted according the needs of everyone.


  • Python 2.7 (because of BaseHTTPServer) 2.7.11 Download page
  • 7zip or any other compression tool able to deal with tarballs
  • lxml library installer from Pypi (32bit lxml-3.5.0.win32-py2.7.exe or 64bit
  • The tarball of Synfig-Stage (currently revision 41, but better to follow the step in order to obtain the last available revision):
    Go in the trunk
    click on “view revision
    click on “download tarball”

Install Python 2.7 in C:\Python27 (or wherever you want), including pip package

Install jinja2 and lxml libraries as follow (pip is already packaged with Python since version 2.7.9 )
Install lxml from the installer (not from pip, otherwise you will have to recompile a lot of stuff with VCForPython)
Open a Windows console and type

cd C:\Python27\Scripts pip install jinja2
Create a folder for Synfig-Stage

Extract the content of the tarball (-computa-mike-synfig-stage-trunk-r41.tgz), with 7zip for example, in a temporary folder
Move the content of “trunk” sub-directory in the Synfig-Stage folder

You can run the server in different ways

  • double-click on (if you have Pyhon27 folder in the path and only this version is installed)
  • create a run.bat containing “c:\python27\python.exe” (because I installed several versions of Python )

Your default web browser will open on the editor page (the startup takes several seconds)
Don’t forget to click on configure to set your Cast_Location folder.
To close the server, enter stop or click on the red close button of the console.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob!

How did you find it? obvioulsy we put it together for thei project so a lot of resources where already in place by the time we started to put this together.
If you have any feature requests/bugs etc please let us know


… does not work. Console does not recognize the command “pip”…

Linux version did not create a package to install.


pip is a python based package installer.

Heres how to install PIP on windows: … on-windows

and on linux: … nts_linux/

Thanks for the reply. Pip already seemed to be installed within Python 2.7. I was having a shell coding problem. After typing the command .\pip install jinja2 it worked and when I directed the .py file to the Python2.7 install path my browser opened as mentioned. It does not seem to work with compressed sif files though. Are bones already implemented? Because when I wanted to add two characters rigged with bones to a new scene the sif file that synfigstage computed turned out to be unreadable.

Havent looked at bones rigged characters yet - will get on that