The more, the merrier...

As H13N.H3N recently noted, Ktoon has risen from the ashes, but there are even more animation efforts out there. I’ve recently stumbled across a couple I thought I’d mention in case anybody’s interested:

Ella - The name stands for the Elegant Light Linux Animator and it can apparently already export swf files. The download link on the site seems to be wrong but I found its launchpad page at .

MyPaint Animation Patch - This is an addition to the already nice painting program known as MyPaint. Like Ella, this one seems to be in the very early stages, but it looks interesting.


indeeeeeed, XD i’m an official beta tester now of Ktoon =D! and indeed, i also have a suggestion that few people knows, Java Animation Studio! , it looks quite simple but not intuitive, still interesting, take it a look too!, btw, i’m on my way to test Ella, looks very promising!

btw, the link to launchpad sais HTTPS, is this correct? isn’t HTTP?

:slight_smile: hee… can’t find a package or trunk for download :slight_smile:

https just means that you’re using Secure Sockets Layer on top of HTTP.


Hahah! MyPaint to take on TVPaint?