The Man, The Cat, The Legend

Title: The Man, The Cat, The Legend

Description: Screen Legend Dick West reluctantly agrees to attend SpaceCon and sign autographs for fans, in exchange for a lifetime achievement award and free liquor. But, what would have been an easy day for a normal person, predictably turns into a debacle for Dick.

Runtime: 20:38

Some notes:
Most of the backgrounds were done in Synfig, although a few were done in InkScape. Video editing/mixing was completed with OpenShot. Audio was all recorded and edited with Audacity.

This is the first project I did where most of the scenes are comprised of elements loaded from multiple, external SIFZ files. The most atomic is the bicycle clown, where each mouth shape and eye movement is loaded from an external SIFZ file. This required more upfront preparation, but was much more manageable and updateable during production.

I hope y’all enjoy it, and please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, if you have any.