The Lightworks Open Source Project starts

now the windows is available, everyone can download and play it.

what a great news !

I wonder if it can import transparent png image sequence and export it to mov with alpha channel. I always missed that in cinelerra.

XD Haven’t tested it out yet, but they say it can! They even have Chroma-Keying to boot, which makes it even more awesome than Premiere Pro.

Not meaning to sound too negative, but after the Xara “open source” debacle, I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude on this one. :wink:


This one is actually pretty good, but the only problem is it’s one of those software’s like this one that you have to read the manual and tutorials and everything to get it because it is pretty advanced compared to the normal software that is for the basic and non-computer literate person. But i’m just glad to see something like this come out so that i can do things i used to do in a paid software that i only was able to do at school. Like flash for instance this is that replacement as lightworks is the replacement to the lame windows movie maker. I’m actually looking forward to maybe in the future combining stuff i do in this software with lightworks and maybe audacity to help me make good videos for classes and everything

updated status