The Dwarf

this is a “Synfig” version of my avatar, the main char of the project I am working on. I made it to check out the drawing capabilities of Synfig. No shadows, blends or highlights yet.

hey, it looks very well!
I’m waiting for the next :smiley:

It has personality. Keep it up!

Hi, on this cold and rainy Sunday,
I have been adding shades to my char and broke it down in movable parts so that I would be able to animate it in “cut-out” style of animation, but I have noticed a significant loss of quality in the lines of the parts that got rotated. In the example you can see the difference between the outlines of the head and the hat which got turned and the outline of the body. Is there a way to counter this? This example was rendered at high quality (9) with the windows version of Synfig.

The fact is that quality =1 is the best and quality =9 is worse. One of these days we should reconsider the render quality system but for the moment it is so confusing… :blush:

Problem solved! Everything clean and crispy now.
Thanks G!
Not so confusing once you know it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dwarf update.
I just finished all the thumbnail drawings of the storyboard of my dwarf project. Looking for a way to digitalise them and turn them into a little animatic.