The beatles aashram 😁

Okay, So I am coming back India on 5 may, for visiting the Beatles aashram. I would be originally going to haridwar to see the temples there, but then on 7 may, i would finally reach my destination rishikesh to go and see the place where Beatles say they wrote there best song.

Anyone else who’s a fan of Beatles like me?
And have you ever visited The Beatles Aashram?

I’m not even sure that most of people here even know who they were :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not exactly a fan, but I was raised listening to them as my dad was an absolute fan since he was teen and yes this is a lot interesting and creative music.

Fun fact: My sister has been named after John’s first wife, Cynthia, on request from my dad :stuck_out_tongue:


Then he would absolutely love to visit this place, it’s at the second top of bucket list to come here for any Beatles fan. First obviously being Liverpool, that’s where they started.

He’s really a fan of them I see :sweat_smile:

Funfact: I don’t have any funfact to tell you. Except my great grandpa was in the the tenth concert of Beatles of England on 19 march, 1963 at regal cinema, Cambridge (My god :dizzy_face: he repeated it everyday when he was with me) . Because he was practicing law there. And how much irony, just 6 years ago britishers finally left India and he went to uk to do law :skull:. Anyways, he really liked the love me do song.

And sadly, he passed away 6 years ago. He was the only Beatles fan in my home except me.
(Actually while writing the last line about my great grandpa not being there, that actually made me emotional, I don’t know when I would be able to meet him again)

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