The Adventures of Vector Owl - Theme Tune and Intro

It’s been a large learning curve but at last the intro for my little cartoon project is complete. I’m sure I can do better given time, bit for now just getting something out there is enough. I have learnt that animation is not as easy as creating music. :wink:

Just the intro - no actual episode yet. I have storyboard plans for the first one.

Music created in Cubase Pro, Synfig for the animation then Shotcut to get into mp4 format.

Vector Owl is a cheeky magical owl who gets up to various antics in the forest he calls home. Quite often, he just wants to have a quiet snooze but pesky creatures keep disturbing him.

Thankfully, with his understanding of the power of vector magic, he can conjure up solutions to these annoyances and get back to having a well earned rest.