The Adventures of Boris Munchausen

The storytelling here was excellent - and once you’re drawn into the story any rough edges in the animation simply melt away. I laughed out loud at the gag about the petrol station - “He did it on purpose!”. I also loved the animation of the car as it begins to drive away - that’s a really charming piece of comedy, and is heightened by the expression on the face of the driver. Many thanks for taking the time to produce the English subtitles.

The choice of music was excellent throughout - and well done to whoever did the sound design as well.

The only odd thing for me is that Manga-styled male characters always look like hermaphrodites to me, so to hear then talking with deep Russian voices (you can’t get a more masculine language than Russian) is rather strange!

Excellent work! Now that it has subtitles I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the wink about the wine and your good Spanish friend :wink:
Congratulations to all the team!

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Waiting for the third episode…

Thank you, everyone!
Yes, as I see the voices cast could be better. Though we have a little surprise in English-dubbed version. :slight_smile:

I have a great news:
This week we have got two awards at “FireBird” festival! - … -2-awards/

The third episode is going to have another wink for my good Spanish friend if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Good news! The first episode of Munchausen series is dubbed into English now!
Watch it here:

After the whole year of development, we are happy to release episode 3.0 of Munchausen series! … -released/

Please continue!!

Great! :slight_smile:

The story conclusion announced to be released in 2 weeks - … n-2-weeks/

It’s 14th of August here. As promised, we’re happy to release the conclusion of Munchausen animated trilogy. Don’t forget to enable English subtitles in YouTube player and enjoy! … -released/

featuring inside, héhé :wink:

This project should be crowdsourced I would love to see an enchanced version of this. I even have a model sheet tutorial that might help klonoafanworkassets.deviantart.c … -391897243
By the way how do you download the sources of the latest episode?

We haven’t published the sources for episodes 2 and 3 yet. Sources needs to be prepared before they will go public (make sure there are no copyrighted data, no Russian filenames, no broken links, write instructions, etc.). I have no time to do that now, this task is not on top of my priorities right now. Also, I will need someone who can offer git repository with enough space to publish all data (which is approximately 4 GB).

Try asking here … -363316806