The Adventures of Boris Munchausen

Here’s another work created by the kids I’m teaching - This is a work of elder group (15-16 years old). It is used to demonstrate usage of stickman for creating cutout animation. Enjoy!

Another full success!
Waiting for the second episode!

Awesome stuff - I voted for an episode two!

Great work!
As Pixelgeek said…waiting for episode 2!

Awesome! I love it!
The story seems very familiar - it isn’t based off a certain folktale by chance, is it? :smiley:

Thank you. Yes, it is. :slight_smile:

Ha, good one… also waiting for episode two - though the 3D stereoscopic version sounds intriguing

motivating teenagers is a challenge in itself (or is that just the teenagers I get to deal with?)

Good :smiley:

Me too!

I really enjoyed watching! (My favorite character is the Sniper) xD
Waiting for a second episode as well! :smiley:

truely AWESOME! be waiting for episode 2 as well…

Thank you, everyone!

The sources are now freely available! Read full announcement…

That’s kinda awesome! XD

The kids ought to know that some day they’ll be Chuck Jones or Satoshi Kon if they keep being awesome!

I like it.

Tushantin, BentFX, thank you!

We have just released version 1.01 - … -released/
Preparations to 2.0 started…

I like it.
I’m waiting for the episode 2. Can you tell me how many episodes are there?
Are you goin go continue with the same pupils?

We already have screenplay and storyboard for 2.0 ready, that’s just not announced yet.
There will be 3 episodes.
Yes, this year the same pupils participating, but it will be good to attract external contributors for participating. We will update our sources repository at regular basis, so anyone will be able to build and see the progress.

Here’s the storyboard of second episode: … va2-ru.pdf

Now proceeding to animatic…

First preview of upcoming second episode - … napshot-1/
Very-very drafty…

Well done. Now, waiting for the rest. :smiley:

The second episode released! English subtitled. … subtitles/
Enjoy! :slight_smile: