The A to Z of Hoarding

This is what I’ve been up to for the last few months! All done in Synfig except for 02m28s to 02m34s, which were done by modifying SVG files and rasterising them.

The A to Z of hoarding

[Edit: fixed link to video]

Twenty-six letters full of good advice about how to declutter your home.

Original idea: Vicki
Ideas and voices: the members of the Hoarders Helping Hoarders groups in Salford and Merseyside.
Animation and direction: Marnanel Thurman
Producer: Ian Porter
For more information about Hoarders Helping Hoarders, visit .
Thanks to Northwest Housing for sponsorship and support.

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I personaly know several hoarders (seems quite common in France ^^).
Often alone, they feel the need to fill their place like to fill the void in their life.
In the same time, it feels for them like a “barricade” to protect them from the external world.
It makes them even more isolated, as most people feel like suffocating when they enter their home.
Even though they would like to tidy, they never know from where to start, and what is worth to keep or must be thrown away.
The only way to help them is to go at their home and help them, moving things, tidying in their presence, showing them that we respect their things and explain why we should tidy or dispose them.
It is easier this way because we don’t have the same emotional attachement to the things of the others.
Then a normal social life can start again, but we should take care that the hoarder doesn’t start to hoard again.
Some have the need to scatter their things to always have them in sight, they have to learn to tidy them in boxes and to do a list of the content (excel file for example), so less stress like “I will never remember in which box I put it”.
It takes time but don’t give up, it worth it, it’s very rewarding to see a friend get through it :slight_smile:

In some cases, it can even be with accumulation of garbages and problems of hygien, ensure to be gentle, don’t shame and always be positive.
You don’t help in order to give lessons :wink:

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YouTube video removed :frowning:

Thank you! Fixed.

(I accidentally linked to the release candidate, which has been taken down now)