The 2nd Synfig Studio Show in China

I planned to join FAD China 2011[0] in Beijing China next month, and will talk about Synfig Studio (0.5 hours around) :mrgreen:

In my first Synfig Studio Demo[1], I learned that it is impossible to show all functions in a short time, so this time I will manage a simple topic instead. And considering that most of those attendees are geeks, I would like to pick up one of the unique features of Synfig Studio. The topic will be parameter converting , exporting and linking. This Live Demo will be based on Genete’s amazing Cannon Shot tutorial[2], but will be altered a bit to suite the theme of Fedora.

Btw, I hope we can have a updated version of Demo reels now :slight_smile:

[1] viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2831&p=11319

The show is done, I will upload a report later on. :smiley:

How did miss this post!?

thanks !

As I promised in previous post, I would like to share my experience. here is the demo script I used in FAD2011. and I add some more information I got during this event in it. Considering they are mostly technical geek, so I paid more time on value convert, link, export during my live demo.

The feedback of this demo was quite positive :slight_smile:


0) Introduction [5 minutes]

0.0) self intro,

0.1) animation concepts
two animation techniques (supported by synfig):

  • morphing animation
  • cutout animation
    show two small animations in Synfig Studio application: walk cycle (morphing) & dancing boy(cutout)
    show the morphing animation clip, Rylander Animation bumper 2009 created by rylleman. it is so professional and the story is funny, all the attendees’ attention were caught immediately. (thanks rylleman! :slight_smile:

1) About Synfig Studio [5 minutes]

1.0) about Synfig
powerful 2d vector based animation software. it is designed to produce film-quality animation with fewer people and resources.

1.1) Synfig history

2) Application Live demo [20 minutes]

2.0) Synfig’s features intro

2.0.0) vector based show the sif/sifz file format in a text editor (vim),mention it is xml; use synfig cli to render a icon 3 times in different resolutions, show the PNGs with Eog application.
2.0.1) unique layer concepts: show all layers we have, layer parameters, time-based params, convert action.
2.0.2) powerful value node system: “export parameters”, “link parameters”

2.1) Demo star layer:
play with color, size, origin, random, linear etc. params.

2.2) Demo parabolic-shot.sifz:
change the g value, the feedback was really nice and seem that all guys had fun with it.

2.3) Mention that the above samples are not the all. and then show the “animate mode” concept.

3) Prologue Animation Sample [5 minutes]
the professional anime movie

4) To be involved [3 minutes]

4.0) about future and ask help (coder, translator, spreader, user even more)

4.1) present our site:

4.2) current version 0.63.02

4.3) how to get: pkcon install synfigstudio / download latest version from our site.

5) Thanks and Q&A [2 minutes]

5.1) thanks fedora community, fad2011 etc…

5.2) Q&A



slides (it is in Chinese, sorry there is not english version avaliable )
Synfig Intro - (314 KB)

Wow! Very detailed stuff! I bet you enjoyed it a lot!
Heap thanks for promoting Synfig in your great country Jcome! :smiley:


Cool I got a screening in China! Thank you!

The presentation seems great. You didn’t happen to video tape it did you?