Text rotation jitter

I have downloaded Synfig Studio v0.64.3 a couple of days ago, been playing with it since, and am already seeing how enormously powerful and useful this animation software can be. I have never heard of, or used, Synfig before. (In other words, I’m a total newbie to Synfig.)

I’m having a vexing problem in Synfig that I can’t resolve, and I’m not sure if it’s a bug in Synfig or not: text in Synfig Studio jitters when rotated, although it shouldn’t.

I’ve Googled “Synfig jitter”, and found out that rotation animation jitter was a problem that Synfig Studio used to have, back in 2008, and it’s supposed to be long fixed by now. I’ve searched “jitter” in the Synfig bug tracker, and nothing showed up. Nothing much helpful in the Synfig forum either, on the issue I’m having, although it does have a few threads on “jitter”.

I’ve tried rotating an imported image of the text, instead of the Synfig text, and it showed no jitter: So I’m sure the jitter is particular to the Synfig text.

Do I have wrong settings, or is this “text rotation jitter” a bug in Synfig? If this is definitely a bug, I will report it in the Synfig bug tracker.

The Synfig file with the “text rotation jitter” problem is attached in this post.

If you render an animated video file with the attached Synfig file, with the “imported text image” layer turned on and the “Synfig text” layer turned off, there’s no text jitter.

If you render an animated video file with the attached Synfig file, with the “imported text image” layer turned off and the “Synfig text” layer turned on, there is text jitter.
TextRotationTest.sifz (948 Bytes)

I’ve tested your file in my system, and I think you are correct

My system in a big picture: Pentium 4 (32 bits machine) with Linux- Ubuntu 14.10

I’m using Synfig 1.0 RC 2
However, this 28 march there is a new version of synfig 1.0 RC 3. But In the releasing notes don’t say anything about the Text features.

About Your file… My system didn’t recognized the font (“Impact”?), and gave me an error message I guess is related with a raster image. I think you didnn’t included it,… or Synfig doesn’t know how.

Perhaps, other users have something else to say… Nevertheless, i also think is a bug.


Thanks for the reply.

My Synfig Studio is installed on a Windows computer.

If there is no Impact font on your system, perhaps you can try any other font: on my system, the text rotation jitter is always there, no matter which font I use.

Hello there :smiley:

I’m also new to it as well, and with this forum too.
I already found Synfig about 4 months ago (i guess) and still following the updates. But lack of time and learning curve kinda halt me in the way.

I did find a temporary solution for the jittering text (yes, even the version 1 RC 3 still have this bug and i’m using the Windows version).

I put a super sample layer (right click>layer>new layer>other>super sample) above the text layer (and decided to put them both in one group instead) and start tinkering around the super sample parameters (width = 6 and height = 4 seems do the trick). Just don’t put too much numbers on them as it could make the render time even longer.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the future along with the rest of the bugs.

Cheers :slight_smile:
TextRotationFixed.sifz (1.34 KB)