Text label moving from "1" to "45", with unperiodic steps


This question is dealing about… a simple video I want to make for a friend’s birthday… Nothing professional:)

I used Synfig Studio maybe 5 years ago, spent many time on it and liked it, but I don’t remember anything now.

It’s not my habbit to ask some question on a serious forum without taking some time to get the answer myself (see my SO if you’re not convinced). But… I have no time, her birthday is tomorrow!

Will you help me?

My Synfig skills (lol):

  • I know how to add the audio track to a new Synfig project.
  • I can roughly remember how object properties work (like a mini-language, recursively handled with the gui/mouse)

Context / wanted output:

  • I have a sound track, with exactly 45 notes, without any precise tempo.
  • The needed output is a centered label, starting from “1”, ending to “45”, and closely matching with the heard notes.


How can I do that? (best question ever, happy birthday!)

Can you see the audio soundwave on the Sound panel? It helps you to sync stuff :slight_smile:

As you didn’t answer me :frowning: I made a quick video. I hope it helps you

(It’s still under processing)

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Sorry for no response on your last message, and really thank you for your video! I can’t see the soundwave on the Sound panel, but your video explanation will greatly help me, thank you again!

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I did not have an audio file to use here lol
But if you open an audio there, you would see it :wink: