Text jiggles left and right when slowly


In my animation, I am planning to move some text slowly from side to side.

However, when I actually do so, each letter in the text seems to ‘jiggle’ from left to right as it moves.

I’m not entirely sure why this is but my first guess would be that it is rendering the text on integer pixel boundaries.
The slow movement then makes this very apparent. (This is only speculation though)

Rendered version available at
drive.google.com/open?id=0B-lF2 … 0I3bEVhdHM
And the project file is available in the attachments

I’m using Synfig Studio version 1.0.1 on Ubuntu 15.04.

I noticed that the ‘Super Sample’ filter seems to ameliorate this, but it also makes working on the animation slow and painful (it takes much longer to render the frames).

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I can set the Super Sample filter to be only used at Render-time?

I’d be grateful for your advice, and thank you in advance.
jiggytext.sifz (917 Bytes)

Same problem under Windows:
1.1.9: Jiggles (Cobra engine)
1.0.2: Almost stable in GUI (with Cairo renderer), jiggles in preview mode
Text layers are a bit bugged Text rotation jitter

Only a few fonts “work” wiki.synfig.org/Layers#Text
I think you guessed right about pixel boundaries.
Super Sample is “made” for such case wiki.synfig.org/Super_Sample_Layer

As a workaround, you could try to render your text as single frame to a transparent PNG and then import it as image layer for animation.

Unless you need to animate the text itself, the workaround for this bug is to render the text to an image (with Synfig or any other program) and move the image.

To keep the vector advantages of the text you want to animate you can also create the text in Inkscape first, turn the text object into a path and then export it to sif format and import it into Synfig again as a vector object.