Text does not appear on typing, Ubuntu 20.04, synfig 1.2.2

I have installed Synfig 1.2.2 in Ubuntu 20.04. I cannot see the text on the canvas on typing, after selecting the text too. Can someone help me with this issue. It is very critical to my work and is holding it up.

Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Please try another version, 1.2.2 is rather old and libraries available could be different according the OS.
If 1.2.2 is required, try the .appimage version.

The appimage version works fine. The appimage requires 40 seconds to open. Can something be done for this?

Appimage version contains (normally) all the required libs, in the required versions, for the application to run.
Old version like 1.2.2 was packaged with older appimage runtime and some libs may be missing, requiring to check on your system if they are present.
It can take time and generate error messages (like for fonts system).
It was ok on systems running at the time it was built, as the distrib were using the required versions, but now…

Try a recent dev version, it opens almost instantly and you will avoid avoid all the nasty bugs fixed since 1.2.2 :wink: