Text and layers, text not visible in render

I have made a few succcesful animations, now I am learning more about layers. In this one the text is visible in synfig but does not appear in the render.

Here is a screen shot of how it looks in Synfig.

text and layers screen copy.png

Am I not understanding someting about the layers.

I am running Synfig on Ubuntu Studio.

The Synfig file is attached.
text and layers.sifz (2.01 KB)

I think you have mixed up the compositions methods of each layer. I find:

Text -> Straight

Please turn all the blend methods to Composite unless you want to produce a composition effect between layers.
When I turn the blend method to the text layer to Composite I obtain this rendered image:
text and layers.png

For further information about blend methods please read this wiki page:

Good luck

I’ve found out (http://synfig.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=191) that the program doesn’t render correctly if the value of the quality is set to ‘0’. I’ve also rendered your picture two times, one time on the standard settings (quality 3 and anti-aliasing 1) and one time with the quality set to 0. It seems it’s the same problem, as the first render is fine and the second render doesn’t render correctly.

Thanks for the help.

The interaction between Text layer and render is interesting. It renders fine with the Text layer blend method Straight and quality of render set to 1 and above.

But for render quality Zero (in theory the best quality) it will not display the Text layer even if the if the blend method is set to Composite.

Thanks for the links, I have now read both of them.