[Test IT!] UI - select param from handle

What : from canvas, find selected handle in parameter panel recursively

(should) Work with (everything!)

  • generally all level0 handle
    • origin
    • center
    • radius
    • gradient pt1 & pt2
    • etc…
  • width handles
  • bones handle (fixed)
  • vertex (individual handle)
  • Group Transformation (individual handle)

Idea/Todo ? :

  • on multiple duck select, last selected highlight in param tree
  • on multiple duck select, ability to change selected param
    value all at once (maybe name greyd like when selecting multiple layer)
  • reverse behavior : select any param, highlight corresponding duck(s)

freshly code knocking to master : github.com/d-j-a-y/synfig/tree/ … lect_param