[Test IT!] Handle - Split Tangent indicator


I have fixed the code to draw the tanget’s handles accordingly to radius and angle split.


Now, it’s the time to choose color and shape for the tangent states :

  • normal (aka radius and tangent fixed) : yellow circle
  • radius split : yellow square
  • angle split : red circle (like the example)
  • radius + angle split : red square

what do you think ? any idea ?

synfig.org/issues/thebuggeni … issues/308

The only case where it is needed to indicate to the user that angle and/or radius is split is the case where both tangents are collinear and have same length. In any other case, the tangent value (radius and angle) is itself indicating that the radius or angle is split, so no new indication is needed.

For that case I propose to make the handle connector dashed, instead of continuous line. I think it introduces less chaos in the handle drawing.

308-split tangent indicator.gif

for next release… already in git master for those who like to build :wink: