Test character for visual novel with animation

Simple animation for a visual novel. Tried to make her more like hand drawn but it did not work too well.

Here is animated video: youtube.com/watch?v=7WDM7L9btsg

The character is rigged. Feel free to play with it.
Pers.sifz (366 KB)
Pers_no anim.sifz (147 KB)

Hey, nice to see you back :slight_smile:

Yeah… To be honest, the animation gives quite an opposite feel, a very flash-like one. The movements look kind of unnatural. Maybe shapes aren’t properly attached to bones? Can’t really comment on this, because I never use them for body parts.

Very nice and slick character design. I like it. You might work on your timing to make your animation less like a robot, but I understand this is just a test of the rig. You seem to have some joint issues on the elbows. I always work with separate upper and lower arms to avoid that.

I have also tried this approach but animating the whole limb seemed to give more natural result. I needed to adjust the vertices to match the upper part with the lower part.

Maybe I will continue polishing up the character and animation just to prove the point that Synfig can be used for visual novel development.

Thank you. I started using Synfig again recently.

The animation is sure quite creepy but the point was more to make the static image to look more natural, to be in VN style. I need to keep up working for sure, though.

There I was feeling all smug about rendering out my first bouncing ball. Nice job dude!