Taking Care of Hair.

Not in real life, but in animating.

I’'m having trouble animating hair, not drawing it. It’s even more challenging for women. What I am trying to do is a proper head turn.

You see, when I try to animate hair doing one frame with the head turn, the hair doesn’t move properly. It shrinks and grows into place instead of actually look like turning of the head. (Yes, I know about the animation on and off points! it happens here too.)

What I’m asking for is some kind of guide, or a hint to animate hair properly with Synfig to make it look like a rotation instead of hair growth. It seems that it would be best to animate and draw the hair in sections. Like for the front of the head, the side burns, and the back of the head. My character has an outline to it as well and so does the hair.

Any tips will be given to the waiter…

…I mean appreciated. :unamused:

Hard to sat without seeing your animation but I would say add more waypoints. Any chance you want to share your animation scene? Or even a render would help us help you.

Sure. It’s a gif file. What is happening here is that the side burn is seeming to be growing/forming out of the hair instead of looking like it is coming to view. The hair was done in one layer. I didn’t do draw it the best I can because it was to show What I was trying to explain.

It doesn’t look too bad, but I don’t want it to be that noticeable.

Also, if you look at the right side burn, it “Shrinks” instead of vanishing. What I want to do is make it disappear all at once instead of shrinking and growing. Likes as if it is on a face.

Compose your hair with different region layers. Then don’t morph vertically the side burn. Just stretch its wide and at the right time modify its Zdepth to make it be under the head shape.

Thanks Genete. You know, I gotta start using these layers more rather than manualily moving the vertices and docs around.

I have attached example file with headturn. Unpack and inspect demo/27/27-ivan.sif file.
We use different region layers for hairs.
And to make the hairs look alive - we did 3 different hair shapes, turned them. After that we layered them one on top of another and switched from one to another during the animation.
Good luck!
27-ivan.sif-20120118-164720.zip (796 KB)

Thanks alot Zelgadis =)