Synfig Workshop? Bogotrax Festival, Bogtà Colombia !

I guys I will take part of the Bogotrax Festival, from 11 to 21 of Februar, in Bogotà Colombia.
I m not an organizer of the event, I m an artist who will be there to perform and make workshops
(like Blender, history of digital animation etc.)
There are some free dates in the Festival program and I will really love to see a Synfig Workshop but I m not able to do the workshop by myself…
I would like to ask to the community if there are some people from Colombia, who will enjoy the festival teaching Synfig Software
please contact me or to the organizer not later then 5 December 2009!

bognetti(at)ctrlzproduktions net


Although Colombia is a bit away from me (Spain) you have all my encouragement for the workshop.
You can use the material I have in the workshop I made in my town. There is not a great amount of content but it can help you about a guide of what aspects of Synfig should be covered:

Good luck!
Please let us know any link to the event if finally it is celebrated.

i have known synfig a monment ago ,i feel it is great tools,how about compare to anime studio pro ?,

I’ve been introduced to animation world with Moho (now Anime Studio) and after I discovered Synfig I still in love with it.

It still completely true :wink:

thanks for the support as usual!
I probably will reed everything and make a short workshop!
and this time will be also really useful material in Spanish!
For example I can start with the things I made like lipsync and tween animation, for sure when I have a structure lesson I will update this post with the text and the links thanx a lot!

Hi, people!
As Genete says, it’s a bit far but it would be great to collaborate. In fact, I’m a colombian myself but actually it’s many years that I live in Italy, in Rome to be exact. I come back to Colombia every 2 or 3 years. Feel free to contact me for colombia/spanish language related matters.
I was thinking about a kind of Synfig Development Camp maybe this spring/summer, somewhere in the world… Any plans on that?
In the meantime I’m going to google that festival in Bogotà… :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Those are big words mesco! if you find resources to do that I join immediately! :smiley:

Summercamp! Wintercamp! Autmuncamp Springcamp!
Ill come whereever! :mrgreen: