Synfig vs Coa Tools

im new in the animation world and i want to learn motion graphics and bone animation.
i found Synfig and installed the development version,then i got the Synfig video course from 2015 i think…
and that is a problem…beginners like me needs more tutorials and the only tutorials i found are old unfortunately…
now i find out Morevna Project made Pepper & Carrot with Coa Tools!
what you recommend for me to use?
Synfig or Coa Tools?

Hi good day.
I use Synfig deformation layers and Bones its easy when you use the cut mask tool, i use CoaTools like 2 time but because I was really new blender user i just make something basic, but both are great options i think that coatools in blender could have more options because you can subdivide the mesh of every part, for the moment I preffer use synfig because I know better how it works (I use it since 0.64) + Im learning blender to.

About synfig tutorials, you can apply it on the newones, and I learning a loot just see Morevna videos

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thanks for the help lobozamora:)
btw what is cut mask tool?
any video for me to learn about?
is synfig capable of doing this?

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Thats animation is beautifull, but you must take in count it will take a loot of work to get a good result like that.

The “Mask cut” tool is that tool that look like a red scissors

You can looking here in action that permit you separeted a png image to make an animation

COA Tools. Or Just Blender even.

This sees fantastic

but that girl animation can be done in synfig or not?
thanks a lot for the help guys.

yes, it is possible and can be done.
I use gimp2sif which is like coa

ok,thanks again.
you all are very nice:)