Synfig Virgin

Hello all. I’m a graphics artist who is trying to find his niche. I use several graphics programs but Gimp is my all time favourite so far. Of course I’m writing this before I even have the chance to try out Synfig, so that can change soon. I have a facebook page that is dedicated to graphics software of all sorts, but mostly Gimp, Blender, Inkscape and Cinema 4D. From the looks of Synfig alone it seems I’ll have another topic to add to my pages. Looking froward to learning from the users and pros here at the forum. Thanks for taking the time to read my ravings! :smiley:
Oh, if anyone is interested in seeing what we do in gimp and the other graphics software, feel free to stop by and have a look at my FB page.

Welcome to Synfigland…
Nice to see the attention Synfig is getting on your facebook page… have fun playing with it!