Synfig used in documentary "Proof Of Concept: 100 Geeks, 5 Weeks, 1 Future"

I followed this project and now I noticed their final documentary has stuff made with Synfig :slight_smile:

POC21 is an international innovation community, that started as an innovation camp. The camp brought together 100+ makers, designers, engineers, scientists and geeks. In late summer 2015, we joined forces in a stunning French castle to prototype a fossil free, zero waste society. Our ultimate goal was to overcome the destructive consumer culture and make open-source, sustainable products the new normal. Over the course of 5 weeks we developed 12 sustainable lifestyle technologies and built an international community of innovators and supporters, that continues to grow.


Kdenlive - Non-Linear Video Editor (
Audacity - Audio Editor (
Inkscape - Vector Graphics (
Synfig - Vector Animation (
FFMPEG - Video Conversion (
Magic Lantern - Camera firmware (
Ubuntu GNU/Linux - Operating system (


Great, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Ouaip merci pour lโ€™info et bonne continuation pour tes projets

I made this! thanks for posting :slight_smile: There are just a couple of animated sections in the documentary, you can see them at the very start (0:00) and in the middle (from 28.50).
Otherwise I used Synfig for a little bit of animated titling etc. It was a bit tricky taking on such a big project, I have only used F/LOSS tools for simpler, shorter (<15min) projects, so I learned a lot. But Synfig was an entirely problem-free part of my workflow.