Synfig / Tupi Merger

I might be flamed for this idea, but I was just curiously wondering.

Has anybody thought about merging Synfig and Tupi source-codes together? That way, both teams could unanimously focus on one tool and give it all the power it needs. Tupi is excellent for hand-drawn animation, and Synfig is great with tweening and effects. Think of all the stuff possible when both powers unite!

I don’t think that would be a good idea or at least not one that I would favor: you would get a program that tries to be a jack of all trades and ends up at being average at everything. I for one would like to see Synfig evolve into a pure vector resolution independent animation program with a proper animated svg export and a workable (multiplane) camera (and if possible multithreading support in Windows :wink: )

Alternate idea: Tupi import layer.

The layer only needs to render things down to pixel data. No need to make things editable (ie. use Tupi to edit Tupi files).

The same can be achieved by rendering to PNGs and then importing the images, but it’s much faster/easier with an specialized layer.

Tupi’s file is readable like synfig’s sif. It’s possible to create an importer for synfig via python for example.
The drawback of this is that you must be careful that you will be in the same scale (matrix) and that you will not have the synfig scene in tupi and the opposite when you will drawing.

As for just merging the source it’s not possible. It is not that simple like copy paste. The only benefit that you may get from tupi’s source code is ideas of implementation but you will have to extremely manipulate it, to merge inside synfigs code.
In the end you better write a new code for synfig to get a frame by frame tool.

I am not sure but I think that the problem of frame by frame animation it’s not the code but how to implement it inside the gui.

Also if I am not wrong a frame by frame (only bitmap) is in the writing process.
Check out this.