Synfig test on Cyrus AMV

I’m a member in a group volunteering to make a teaser AMV as a short story on Cyrus from Chrono Trigger. I’ve been already exported a few clips made in Flash that need to be adjusted, but after testing this in Synfig I decided to use Synfig entirely for animations for the AMV. Man, this is great! Here’s the test. Check the attachment.

Although, I guess Windows hates Synfig, or the other way around. It keeps getting errors and closing on me! :laughing: Guess I need to switch to Ubuntu for this.

Be warned, file size is 700+ kb!

P.S.: My friend said that the animation is just too smooth and isn’t like the Anime-style movements she’s used to liking. Would 15 fps change that?

It looks good!. It is great you stick on Synfig! Keep it up.

There were a few problems I’ve faced while working with it though, if you could help me with this.

As I animated the mouth, I decided to animate the hair and collar as well, but it seems that all layers respond to only one layer of keyframes, i.e. the keyframes that I set for the face affects all the other layers and animations, thus somewhat obstructing the different flows of the other object. Or perhaps I’m doing something wrong. Is it possible to have keyframes individually for each layer for itself? Because I would need to place a moving background here too.

I think a lot of anime is done on the 3s at 24fps, effectively giving you 8fps, so lowering the frame rate might help you approximate its look a bit more closely. Rather than lower the frame rate, though, you might want to really concentrate on timing (things like easing in and out) so that the motions look more life-like. If you don’t tell it to do otherwise, Synfig will robotically make all of your tweens exactly the same distance from each other, resulting in a very mechanical look. It may be this that your friend is reacting too more than the overall frame rate.


So how do I set the ease in and ease out? I haven’t seen that option yet.

Also, what about this?

This tutorial will probably get you started on your second issue:

And, if you haven’t already, you’ll probably also want to check out keyframes vs waypoints:


Ah, thank you, muhkayoh! Those answer my problems.

I have yet another problem though. T_T

I just tried using Ubuntu (directly from CD, though) and attempted installing the .deb files. I have version Jaunty Jackelope, and I’ve downloaded the Synfig files of Jaunty compatible. Yet it gives me…

Error: Unsatisfied dependencies.

What does that mean?

That means that synfig packages in Ubuntu Jaunty needs to enable other repositories than the default ones to be able to be installed. But I strongly recommend to NOT INSTALL THE OFFICIAL UBUNTU PACKAGES. They are wrong (they mixed synfig versions) so won’t work. Instead of that try to install the low dependence debian binaries packages from Zelgadis . See here:
viewtopic.php?f=13&t=277 on the top of the first post.
Alternatively if you have some experience with linux you might want to make your onw binaries by compiling the source code.

Thanks! I was able to install it but… it seems I can’t do anything with it if I’m working on Ubuntu directly loaded from CD. >.<

Anywhos, I made this in Windows anywhos. A teaser of my AMV. But hell, Synfig keeps crashing in Windows, so I decided to use…

Tools used: 1) Synfig: For animating objects, like people and sort.
2) Flash: For compiling PNG sequences and adding background and lights.
3) Adobe Premier Pro: For editing all the clips, cut and fuse, yadda yadda.

Here’s the video.

Last night I installed the Wubi version of Ubuntu 9.04 ( ) on my Windows box and then installed the .deb from Zelgadis that Genete references above. Ubuntu 9.04 is definitely, in my opinion, the best Ubuntu release so far. So many things now work correctly right out of the box, including my old Wacom Graphire3. And Zelgadis’s Synfig install seems to be as stable as Synfig always has been on Ubuntu 8.10 (which is to say: pretty stable, though not always perfectly so.) Since the Wubi installer doesn’t change anything about your Windows installation, the Wubi/Zelgadis .deb approach may be a good solution for Windows users who need more stability than the current Windows builds of Synfig provide, but who can’t (for various reasons) give up their Windows installation entirely. And it gets around the issues that plague the official version of Synfig in the Ubuntu repositories for 9.04.

In fact, now that I know I can get Synfig running under Ubuntu 9.04, I’ll probably go ahead and update my laptop (which is all Ubuntu - no Windows).


Whoa! I come I didn’t find that. @_@ 2 MB only and so damn useful! Haven’t tried yet, but I can see what you’re talking about. XD Thanks for the advice, mate!

One small problem, though. I don’t have internet on my comp. >.<

I also installed Ubuntu with Wubi. I’m really surprised: Ubuntu is at least ten times more stable than Windows Vista :mrgreen: . And Synfig runs really well on it.