Synfig T-Shirts

Some of us are attending the Libre Graphics Meeting 2012 in Vienna, (at least Zelgadis, Animtim and me) so i think it would be nice if we all weared synfig t-shirts so we are noted and maybe we get people to ask us about Synfig and as always, attract new developers!.
I’d say we could create a T shirt design contest (which always adds some spice within the community) and with the derived merchandise, we create a merchandise website.
I’d say in cafepress since we could create a synfig merchandise page there very easily: and we don’t need to run it ourselves.
For instance, have a look at the National Geographic: or the wikipedia site: (very Wiki like :slight_smile:

Afterwards we can create another contest for some slideshow images for the shop or something. Contests always dynamize the forum.

What do you guys think?