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I need to render the swf project to create banners for web sites that I develop, I use Joomla as a tool for work and need synfig because I am unable to buy the license of Flash, and do not want to resort to piracy. Please what should I do?
I thought about saving for ffmpeg “mpg” and then find a software that converts to swf, but the program renders 0kbps!! I do not know if it’s my fault or my software version is 0.62.1 e utilizo o windows como sistema operacional:cry:

If you’re on Windows, I think you’d probably be better off snagging the open source Flex SDK and then using FlashDevelop to build your banners. You could also try Flash MiniBuilder which - I think - comes in both a downloadable and an online version.


then there is no way to use synfig? because I had already used to the system, he answered my need in the development of animation, which hinders the rendering.

Hello androide,
Online converter “Media convert” ( can convert files .avi to .swf
I tried, it works well :slight_smile:

Synfig can export to flv using ffmpeg target.
No swf output at the moment and not planned in short term.

I’d say it depends on exactly what you’re trying to do. If you just want to make an animation in Synfig and then convert that to a swf file, then just about any decent video-to-swf converter will do the job. However, since you mention swf banners, my guess would be that you may be concerned about a) file size and b) interactivity (beyond just navigating to a new url on click, which could easily be accomplished with an animated gif). For small file size and true interactivity in a swf banner, a simple video-to-swf converter won’t cut it; you’ll need some way to author the swf file in vector form (as opposed to just importing a sequence of bitmaps, which is what most converters do) and a way to write some actionscript.

In addition to my previous suggestions, there’s a really nice, powerful, easy-to-use program called KoolMoves that will do everything you need and then some. Last time I checked, it was only 49 dollars (US), which is a small fraction of the cost of Flash. It isn’t open source, but its developer/user community has a very cooperative, open source feel. It’s a Windows program, but I have it running on Ubuntu with Wine. If you’re doing this work for hire but just can’t afford Flash itself, I highly recommend KoolMoves.


Instead of Flash, for making menus, I use Adobe Flex SDK (Open Source and MPL) + Netbeans + Flexbean!
It works!

I was looking into Flexbean just the other day. Some of the comments I saw seemed to indicate that it was a bit buggy and feature incomplete, though. What’s it been like for you? I really prefer Netbeans to Eclipse (for some reason), so I’m curious to try Flexbean if it’s far enough along.

EDIT: I forgot to say that it’s apparently designed for Netbeans 6.5, but I’m working with Netbeans 6.8.


I rarely need it, so there may be bugs I have not figured out!
But try it!
It’s not bad!

Thank you for the explanations, I am beginner in animation and web programming, used to make flash banners and small animations on the web, Joomla track my need because I am php and javascript, gimp exceeded my expectation, I started using this week synfig because I really liked it and it’s easy comprehension.
The link Med0 helped me convert video to swf that I am entering the site. :smiley:
I did not know or FlashDevelop flex sdk and minibuilder are interesting tools for programming and operating websites and dynamic. I suck at programming ActionScript, did little with it, use more flash animation, also do not know programming in java, maybe all this leave me confused, I need to focus on something and start to implement, time to get everything and start from zero harm me, but surely will be tools that will study.

I have only the two questions …

1 The animation I did in Synfig is in loop, how do I stop it at the end of the animation? is there any way? or code? If not. is that version 1.0 will have this quality that is in flash? already has a date scheduled for the next version? :question:

2 I work in an office and at home, when I saved the animation mpg she was saved with 0kbps?? and at home could save it properly doing the same process. someone has been there? this may be a buggy? :open_mouth:

Excuse my dialect because I’m Brazilian, and thanks for the quick responses and objective, I am confident that synfig one day reach the level of competition being a powerful flash.

1.- If you export from Synfig to animated gif, it will be looped. There is not any option to make it not loop when exported from Synfig. Maybe you can make it unloop later in other program.
2.- Probably the computer that export to 0 bytes doesn’t have the same taarget libraries installed (ffmpeg) and then you cannot export the animation directly from Synfig Studio to a .mov file.


Imagemagic has the option to change the number of loops for a gif generated from a sequence of png images (incl setting it to 1=single play): … #animation

Gifsicle seems to be able to edit gifs from the command line (sequencing gifs, extracting frames, editing a gif, changing loop count):

I found no opensource alternative that would have a GUI. Hope this helps.

Command line options for flv generation are available in the wiki

Swf, on the other hand, can be generated from png using png2swf from the swftools package. Again: video only, no interaction with the generated swf!

png2swf -r 0.5 img* -o anim.swf

Thank you very much,

researching software that we’ll find your current version is not free, but version 4.0 is available for free download, “sothink swf quicker,” is identical to the adobe flash, and gives possibility to work with action script and flex sdk!

confer and test.

You’re welcome.

All these softs are Free indeed: Gifsicle ( is available under the terms of Apache 2.0.

This (very) roughly means that you can use them for free, modify them as long as you publish your changes under the same terms, and are not allowed to hide/include/package them in software you sell with no explicit agreement from the authors/copyright holders.