Synfig Studio - Slovakia Documentation mini-project

I now finished works on my mini documentation project in my language about using Synfig Studio (basics).
I think that document is for Slovak or Czech people only. Maybie somebody from these countries using this program like me to !!!


Enjoy !

Dokončil som práce na mojom malom dokumentačnom projekte pojednávajúcom o základoch práce v programe Synfig Animation Studio.
Sťahujte kliknutím na odkaz vyššie !

Hi batarzell,
You can also contribute to translate the wiki to your own language. Also you can translate the the application too. Just follow the Translation instructions:

I’ve noticed that you have included some images from Prologue short from Voira Studios. Please follow strictly the license and the intentions when the original developer (Darco) made it public. At last you must include the copyrights of Voira Studios for those images.

Good work.

I now. Maybie later. I think my english is now not very nice (also you can see :laughing: ).