Synfig Studio Intro

I really like how things work in Synfig, it motivated me to make an intro video for it.

voice was recorded and filtered in Audacity, PNG’s were rendered in KDENLIVE and most of the artwork is downloaded from, I wanted to concentrate on animation

I learned a lot of things while working on the video, thanks for all of you guys, you are doing a great job right here.

I uploaded the sifz file, please do not hesitate give me feedback about how I did things, and if there is a better way to do them.
(for newbies like me things are not that complicated as it looks to be in the final file :slight_smile: )
final.sifz (297 KB)

It’s quite cool!
I think you can submit it to the Gallery as a animation short. Thanks!

I submitted it, thank you :slight_smile:


great contribution!

Really well done!
Here’s the gallery entry - … dio-promo/
And it’s really generous to have it submitted as CC-0. :slight_smile:

I would like to use this as a pitch video for the next fundraising campaign for Synfig. :slight_smile:
Ahmed, do you mind to share a source files for the soundtrack as well, so I could apply some post-processing?

“You must install Adobe Flash to view this content.”
Zelgadis> Is it possible to do something on the gallery to use html5 video ?

that made my day :slight_smile:

I attached the narration without the background music so you can even alter it.

the background music is downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library the one I used was Swamp Stomp in the folk and country genre you can use it or whatever soundtrack you like, can’t wait to see an improved version of my video :slight_smile: (2.73 MB)

Thank you!

Sorry, I have no timegap to implement this at the moment.

Hello Ahmed! Here’s what I’ve got, thanks to your idea :slight_smile: -

Amazing work guys!!! :wink: