Synfig Studio 1.0 - Release Candidate #4

The fourth release candidate of Synfig Studio 1.0 is available for download and testing! We would like to give a special thanks to the people who supported Synfig Studio development in this period. Much thanks to:

Ksenija Kuzjaeva, Patrick Hlavac-Winsor, Ricardo Tanaka, Michael Thanem, Boudewijn Rempt, Joslyn Greenard.

With this update we deliver a dozen of important fixes and some usability improvements. Please check the full list of changes below.

List of changes:

  • Show warning when trying to edit animated parameter outside of Animation Mode. Hold Spacebar key while editing parameter to suppress the warning message.
  • JACK transport in Preview Window not interferes with canvas transport anymore.
  • Animated paths now parsed when saving animation file in different location (bugs #96, #262).
  • The usage of “” symbol as directory separator for filepaths in Windows version was resulting in compatibility problems when opening animation file on other platforms. Now the “/” symbol is used everywhere.
  • Colored handles for Transformation widget and Bones.
  • Fix issue with moving multiple handles.
  • Fix onionskin (bug #754). Onionskin values now can be edited through the buttons on the toolbar or through metadata panel. Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Automatically attach Composite valuenode when calling Disconnect operation for Transformation parameter.
  • Tweak UI layout for Preference dialog. Thanks to Yu Chen.
  • Fix UI language switching (bug #633).
  • Fix dark theme switch problem happening on some configurations in Linux.
  • Allow to import *.lst files with CRLF line breaks (bug #568). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Fix file type selection in Sketch Tool open dialog box (bug #848). Thanks to Jerome Blanchi.
  • Use scrolled window when display warnings on file load.
  • Windows version: Fix rendering of avi files with spaces in filename (bug #833).
  • Windows version: Fix crash of 64bit version on Windows 7.
  • Windows version: Console window is disabled now (bug #2). User can force console window for debug puerposes by passing “–console” or “-c” option to synfigstudio.exe. The separate shortcut for console mode is also provided.

Download Synfig Studio 1.0 RC-4

Thanks! Already tried it and it works flawlessly!! :smiley: .
Although there’s a little bit issue with the eyedropper tool (the one from the HSV color palette tab, not the toolbox). It always crashes the Synfig Studio every time i use it…

But to be honest this RC is much more polished than the last one, which is great. :slight_smile:

I just tried that eyedropper tool again and i found what causes the crash. :smiley:

It appears the tool still incompatible with stretched dual screen display mode (that merges two different screens into one screen) which is makes sense since that eyedropper tool works different. It eyedrops (or copies, i suppose) a color from the computer screen instead from the canvas, which is what the one in the toolbox will do. I was using the dual screen display when it first time happened so it confused me before.
I tried it again with single screen display this time and now it works just fine (finally). This issue also not occurred in duplicate screen mode since it just projects a duplication of one screen into another one.

Oh, and here’s my bug report link by the way (just updated it) : … issues/860

Cheers :slight_smile: