Synfig Studio 1.0 - Release Candidate #2

The second release candidate of Synfig Studio 1.0 is available for download! It’s been more than a month since the last release candidate, but we are slowly moving towards the better release. Thanks to everyone who reporting bugs and leaving feedback!

We would like to give a special thanks to those people who supported development of Synfig Studio in via regular PayPal subscription in this period. Much thanks to:

Boudewijn Rempt, Trisha Toews, Ksenia Kuzyaeva, Kevin Wilcoxon, Walter Michalik.

Download Synfig Studio 1.0-RC2

This update addressing an important crossplatform compatibility issues for Linux and OSX, as well as other general fixes and improvements. Below you can find a full list of changes comparing to the previous release candidate.

Liste des changements:

New Cutout Tool. Thanks to Evgenij Katunov.
New option to choose light or dark UI theme (see "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "Misc" -> "Use dark UI theme").
Fix Z-Range feature (#757).
Fix crash when using any tool on Region Layer (#810).
Fix crash when clicking "Open history" button (#788). Thanks to Frijol.
Synfig CLI fixes: Replace ETL functions with Boost, display frames instead of lines, percentage completed and improved remaining time calculation. Thanks to Diego Barrios Romero.
Linux build: Fix missing icons in GNOME, LXDE and some other environments (#786, #806).
Linux build: Fix missing dependency for Ubuntu (#675).
OSX build: Fix insensitive menus (#810).
OSX build: Fix Preferences dialog crash (#789).

NOTE: For OSX build we have hit a serious Gtk3 compatibility issues (see here and here), so we have been forced to migrate from native to X11-based builds. So, in order to run Synfig Studio on OSX, users have to install Apple’s XQuartz package.

original post

Reposting my previous post (deleting it from there):

Okay, so I tried the latest release candidate (#2, that is), and still having problems with the Brush tool. Performance is still slow, and right-clicking on the layer and selecting “Make New Frame” (on any frame) still doesn’t seem to do anything… Also, the width for pen 0.4 and 0.8 are virtually the same.

BTW, freaking love the new Cut-Out tool! What’s the purpose of the Switch layer thing though?

Switch group layer groups layers together, but only one layer is displayed. The displayed layer is chosen by changing the active layer name parameter in the parameters panel. You can for instance group a set of hand poses in a switch group layer and switch them during an animation by changing the active layer name.
As for Rc2. The brush tool in rc2 under windows 7 does not work. Check boxes under windows 7 are still not checked. Node bug under windows 7 is still very present. Think it got even worse. Very annoying if you make your drawings in Synfig. On the good news side , the Cut-tool works like a charm. Switching to a light gray theme works.

I’m using Ubuntu, because that’s where Synfig seems to work the best (and fastest). But the brush tool is still slow for me, and “Make New Frame” still doesn’t work. :frowning: