Synfig Studio 0.62.02-RC2 Source Code & Binaries available

Same links than before:
Synfig Studio binaries for all Linux versions:

ETL, synfig and synfigstudio source code packages:

The NEWS files lists the changes:
News for synfig-core
News for synfig-studio

Important :exclamation: : Translation updates will be closed on next November 12th. After that the final release procedure will start. No more patches will be allowed past that date, so any change will be delayed for next release.

Please feed back for installation and source build on any linux flavour, bugs or mistakes. Translation patches still welcome until mentioned date.

@pixelgeek: please feed back details of what did you do to enable the new splash system when creating the windows binary installation file.


Very nice so far, i still don’t get what Stroboscope Layer does, and the delay with Grids persist (Xubuntu Problem, not Synfig’s) still i need to do a project or something to really tell if has something wrong.

(I don’t remember - hopefully it’ll come back as I look at RC2)

I’ll try and get to this this weekend.

Windows RC2 binary available - … e/download

“It just worked” - so either it’s OK now, or I tweaked a build script last time and it’s still working.


Have you ever been in a disco? If you never has seen a strobe light you wont understand how does it work…

@pixelgeek: congratulations anyway!


oh, that’s it, pretty interesting!.