Synfig Studio 0.62.01RC3 binaries and sources available

just to let you know that the splash screens are randomly changing on my installation (see below) with RC3…

From the menu it just crashes. I ran it from the command line to see if it can help.


triyng the RC3 on Xp if i close the

Canvas Meta Data

panels, I can’t reopen it :exclamation: :question:
(I don’t know in the previous version…)

How can I do to patch this :question:


Try to:
Toolbox->File->Dialogs->Horizontal Dock
Toolbox->File->Dialogs->Restore windows to original layout.


ok only for :

Toolbox|File|Panels|Restore windows to original layout

but obviously with the original layout

Thank you :exclamation: :slight_smile:

genete - did you hit nikitakit’s ‘crash once shutting down with the shift key pressed’ bug?

That ought to be fixed now (the specific commit is the one where I removed saving settings for normal tool). It was really easy to figure out what was causing it.

Never was able to reproduce it. I’m sure the settings removal from nikitakit will avoid it.

To following the release status, I plan for tomorrow to finally add the code to allow send custom video codec to the rendered. After that I want that everybody stop sending any patch if there is not any new blocking bug to fix. I’ll release the RC5 to which I would need all the testing for that last added feature.
I’ll commit the finally translation pending patches and let it ready for the official release when the documentation team gives me the “ready” message. Meanwhile I’ll write the Press Release for revision.