Synfig splash screen and then nothing?!?!?!

I’ve installed and begun playing with synfig studio a while ago and i just upgraded my desktop and laptop to Xubuntu 9.04.From the synaptic package manager i installed synfig and synfig studio and any dependancies it seemed to think it needed. Synfig studio appears in the graphics menu and a splash screen comes up when i click it and then nothing- it just dissappears.

Any ideas? Whats happening? Why is it not working? Previously i had Xubuntu 8.04 and Synfig Studio 0.61.06 and that seemed to work fine and the install was easy enough.

Any help you all may have will be greatly appreciated. email me directly if you think i’ve missed something.


Thanks in advance.

The versions of Synfig in the Ubuntu repositories are broken (non matching version numbers - ugh)

See this thread - viewtopic.php?f=13&t=277 for alternate solutions.

Has any of us ever properly reported this version problem to the Ubuntu maintainers?