synfig speed performance on different o/s's?

is there anyone who’s tested Synfig on windows and linux and can tell if there’s a significant difference in speed performance?..
I’ve tried the windows install for a while now but I find it too slow to be able to work in it and if the software is notably faster in linux I’m considering to install Ubuntu to give it a shot.
and also, I’m wondering if anyone’s got a working o/s x version and knows whether it’s faster than the windows version because then I might just wait for a version that works on mac instead of installing yeat another o/s just because I want to be able to use Synfig.

It is simply faster in Linux because it does use the multithreading renderer. In Windows it is disabled due to stability problems.

thanks for the info… is it disabled in o/s x as well?

No, only in Windows.