Synfig slowing too much

I’m worried now, since Synfig is not working good from the start unlike it did before, at first i didn’t mind at all if the grid displayed slowed the performance of Synfig, i could live with that, but now i’m experiencing the same lag of speed only at drawing basic shapes, i submitted a bug report to Xubuntu and they said they couldn’t reproduce the problem, i downloaded again the Xubuntu 10.10 iso and re-installed and the problem persist, it seems that i’m the only one having problems, perhaps this is more like a report than any hope from help, no idea what is going on. =(

Hi H13N.H3N,
When the problem happens, are you editing a particular file? Does it happen with all the tools or any specific one?
Have you noticed the same problem in other computer with the same OS but different hardware?
Does it happen to others than Xubuntu?

Please help me to reproduce the problem on a virtual machine.

Hi Genete, i asked a friend to test it for me on a Ubuntu machine, but since his PC has a very high specs nothing wrong came up, he said that even if the program toke 90% of the PC’s memory, the lagging would be hard to notice anyway, my brother has the same model of PC i have but with windows and he also say the program works fine, since i’m on school and things like that i had to choose to install again Xubuntu since my PC worked pretty fine with it and i feel is more organized than the gnome version, i’m not having enough time to install and test other distros on my PC =(, a Slax module of synfig is available, but last time i checked it out was pretty outdated:

at editing, nothing out of the ordinary, pretty much like i showed you with the grid, it only takes me to draw anything or even move the screen to notice the slow performance, i even experimented with a session only with Synfig at startup, no panel, no desktop no widgets, and the problem persist =(, thank you for your support